Oticon is the world’s second largest hearing aid manufacturer



Designed for…

A prime reason why consumers do not address their hearing loss is that they feel they will be stigmatised by wearing hearing instruments that are clearly noticeable. The fact is, those days of clunky, large instruments are gone. Oticon can now offer consumers a design solution at all price points that is not only beautiful to look at, but wonderfully discreet. This direction is all about style and how award-winning design and worldclass hearing technology can make life better every single day.




Your Choice – Your Life

In life, we make choices every day, some small and others that affect us greatly. Doing something about hearing loss is a prime example. Insights clearly demonstrate that too many people with hearing loss choose to do nothing about it. Instead, they suffer in silence rather than making life easier and more enjoyable. This direction shows the audience how making a choice to do something about hearing loss only brings benefits and challenges them to act.





Senior Art Director / Concept Development

Client: Oticon / Agency: Kunde & Co / Year 2013